Fort Station Mall
Join the Resurgence of Downtown Fort Saskatchewan


Units FOR SALE starting at $235 per sq ft...

Units FOR LEASE starting at $16-$23 per sq ft...


Units FOR SALE starting @ $235/sq ft...

Units FOR LEASE starting @ $16 to $23/sq ft...

Property Highlights

  • Brand New Redevelopment
  • Mixed Use Project (Residential and Retail)
  • Established Group of Existing Tenants
  • Prominent Pylon Signage Opportunities
  • Over 1,025 feet of Frontage Along 99th Ave
  • Owners/Tenants receive access to Snap Fitness

Area Demographics

  • POPULATION: 25,333 (2017) - Fort Saskatchewan is the 4th fastest growing municipality in Alberta
  • INCOME: $131,917 Average Income (2017) - The 5th nights annual household income in Canada with 35% of households earning over $125,000
  • TRAFFIC: Main Strip: Strategically located along the primary Avenue in Downtown Fort Saskatchewan (99th Ave) with over 1,025 feet of frontage
  • AGE: 63% of Population Aged 20-55 - Millenials (aged 3-34) make up 43% of the population while Gen-X (aged 35-39) make up 7%

Available Unit Plans


Overall Site Plan

A1 1-1000

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